Guillaume schiltz eth

guillaume schiltz eth

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Quantum at ETH Zurich - Enabler of the post digital era
And that's why she wants physics at ETH Zurich to be taught with led by ETH physics professor Klaus Kirch, and with Guillaume Schiltz. Flipping large university courses: How do student learning gains improve compared to lectures? G Schiltz, G Feldman, A Vaterlaus. Edulearn18 Proceedings, Benno Volk � Guillaume Schiltz. ETH Zurich supports faculty development by implementing a dual model which consists of a central support unit and a network.
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Username or Email. Whether or not a TA wants to participate in the hub is up to them. This site uses cookies and analysis tools to improve the usability of the site. Remember Me. Yet despite the abundant data indicating the shortcomings of the conventional lecture format, this continues to be the instructional mode that is prevalent in most institutions.